AFTER Counseling


AFTER Counseling was located at 5777 Madison Avenue in Sacramento California. It changed its name to Terra Nova Counseling and then moved to Citrus Heights. The old telephone number was 916-344-0249.

A.F.T.E.R. Counseling Agency (Associated Family Therapy for Effective Recovery) was a non-profit corporation created by Marsha Nohl (now deceased) and Ralph Rast.

It was affiliated with Parents United and provided counseling services to victims of violence and molest.

They had contracts with Sacramento County to provide counseling services to low income clients under CPS Family Preservation and E.P.S.D.T.

They also provided marriage and family counseling to large number of self pay clients.

AFTER Counseling had hundreds of counselors, therapists and interns over the years.

Below are are links to some of the former staff:

Tim Rood

Tom Mathews

Lorraine Ellis

Carrie Harper

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